Nutritional supplements eliminate withdrawal symptoms

Addiction is really an inability to stop relapsing. People relapse because guilt, anxiety, paranoia, emotional reactivity, depression, confusion, insomnia, fear and shame, on top of physical aches and pain, make life without drugs or alcohol unbearable. If no one had these symptoms, there would be no addiction. You can eliminate all these symptoms quickly and efficiently through high-doses of top quality nutritional and dietary supplements.

Nutritional supplements can eliminate withdrawal symptoms and build and maintain optimum health. Supplements are a critical component of addiction rehab treatments as it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to immediately change the way you feel.

The side-effects of drug use such as lethargy, depression, emptiness, confusion, demotivation and negativity, create cravings and drive people to relapse. High-quality nutritional supplements can immediately alleviate these symptoms and lift your mood.

Nutritional supplements can stop drug cravings

Drug use depletes your internal resources and nutritional supplements are concentrated foods, they are the secret to health and happiness for anyone. If you have had extended use of the ATS (amphetamine type stimulant drugs) nutritional supplementation is necessary to regain normal physiological and emotional function, and critical if you want to feel really engaged with life again.

Drugs are a concentrated substance that deliver instant results and that functionality needs to be matched in post-drug supplementation. The products we use are based on Chinese medicine, they are effective and, in conjunction with other program components, will accelerate your recovery beyond belief. If you don’t take professional effective nutritional supplements you will battle cravings and be much more likely to relapse.

Nutritional supplements can cure addiction

When you do a line of coke or smoke a meth pipe and suddenly, like magic, are energised and raring to go, it’s not magic and it’s not the drug, it’s what the drug has activated which, in Chinese medicine, is  your life force (we call this jing). The more drugs you do, the more you chew through your jing, which is why you keep needing more drugs to get the same result, why the quality of the highs always declines, and why all your symptoms slowly get worse.

High-quality nutritional supplements are the fastest and most effective way to rebuild. Many of our clients find that their mental health issues disappear with vitamin therapy. Supplements are concentrated foods, they replenish your life force, and they are the secret to health and happiness for everyone.

High powered nutritional supplementation is absolutely critical for successful drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Drug use consumes your internal ‘fuel’ (jing). This is why you feel lethargy, depression, emptiness, lack of motivation, pessimism and emotionally reactivity. High-powered supplements immediately alleviate these symptoms and lift your mood.


Depression, addiction and nutritional supplements

Depression is a common side-effect of addiction and it contributes to relapse. People quit drugs and then instead of ‘returning to normal’ they find themselves feeling empty and depressed.

This happened to me and it brought me close to suicide. If only I’d known then what I do now about the power of nutraceuticals – of Chinese herbs and nutritional supplements. See, nutrient depletion is a major contributor to depression and addicts and alcoholics are nutrient deprived. If you are an addict, drugs create the impression that all your needs have been met. This is a major attraction of getting high.

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